Friday, January 23, 2015

Home Sweet Home

I want these post to be about the whole journey, the whole process, the whole kit-n-kaboodle. So here is where I am mentally: scared, nervous, worried. I had such a wonderful encouaring respond from so many people. Wow, I am truly blessed. And I am filled with hope that God will provide. 

That being said...Here's what's on my heart. I said, in my previous post, that I am single with a roommate staying single but on my own. I am excited ab being a "big girl" but at the same time the thought of moving is daunting. Since college I have moved 8 TIMES! (That's 8 times in 5 years). I love searching for a place but the packing and moving and setting up a place is what I hate. Luckily my parents and family are extremely helpful! They come and have helped me move every. single. time! Man, I owe them a lot! 

This time I am moving and have specific needs. What are those needs?!? 
1) 2 or more bedrooms
2) pet friendly ( I have a loving dog who desperately needs...) 
3) a fenced yard
4) cost friendly (cheap good area. I love my job but money is tight just like with most ppl) 

Those 4 things are my top priority. My sweet Erica, has found a place right accross from her that seems to be a good match for everything I am looking for. 

Here's the problem: 
Our lease isn't up until July something. Honestly, I don't know when. (Whoops. I should really figure that out) I want to go look at the place she has found but I am terrified it will be perfect and then will have to let it pass me by. 

I have spoken to my roommate and she has agreed (mostly) that if I found a place and I found her an affordable place than we could break our lease and move. Great idea, right?!?! breaking cost money, new rent set up cost money. 

What is the root of not only evil but the bottom line of moving???...MONEY! Bahh I hate how dependent we have to be on money.

That all being said. If anyone knows of a house or duplex in the park hill OR green mountain drive OR heights area please let me know. Just remember I am on my own and can't afford a whole lot.  I would greatly appreciate any help I can get. 

I do have some other amazing friends, like Chrissy Dulin, that have been a great help! I am one lucky lucky girl to have the friends God have me! 


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  1. There are some reasons you can have to break a lease without having to pay the fine. I broke a lease before moving to Nicaragua and didn't have to pay the broken lease fee. It was messy though!! We had a lawyer friend helping.